Sapec Agro Business constitutes an Outsider alternative to the market

A success story

In the mid-1960s, Sapec began its Crop Protection business.

Initially, it was an ancillary business in Portugal, representing third-party brands. Later, we created a growing portfolio of off-patent products, an area in which we specialised, making Sapec a market leader in Portugal in the late 1990s.

A new strategic option arose at the beginning of this century, marking the Group’s position regarding the future, expanding our presence throughout Southern Europe.

Against the backdrop of a regulatory review of crop protection molecules at European level, and with the guideline of the Sapec Group’s focus on this business, we redefined a new vision for the future:

  • To become a benchmark Group in the differentiated, independent and international off-patent products market

We aim to continue to grow rooting our development in the internationalisation strategy, the robustness of our portfolio and our marketing, manufacturing and regulatory expertise.


Added Value

The added value introduced by Sapec Agro Business in Agriculture and offered to the sector is Differentiation.

This is the cornerstone of our way of being in the market and of how we take care of the great wealth we all need – Nature.To ensure that everyone, current and future inhabitants on Earth, will have healthy, well-balanced and accessible food without compromising the environmental harmony is not just a commitment – it is, above all, a duty. Facing a growing world population, this challenge requires resources, technology, know-how and considerable financial resources, placing this industry at a crucial level in the decades ahead. In the Crop Protection area, the Group manages off-patent active substances according to a stringent quality control. Quality is the strong support of our products: we optimise products already known in the market with new formulations and, on the other hand, we create totally new and innovative mixtures after a long R&D process.

Over the last fifteen years, considerable investments have been made in technology, European regulatory affairs, innovation and new product development. This allows Sapec Agro Business to have a vision of its future based on differentiation, independence and, obviously, on the increasingly extensive internationalisation of this business unit.

We make a point of knowing the market and being in close proximity to the farmers. This is what consolidates our agility in providing answers to farmers’ needs. All the technological investment done by Sapec Agro Business serves Agriculture by responding more quickly to the real needs of the market.


Sapec Agro Business – an Outsider

A reference player that provides the market with a portfolio of intelligent solutions and a project characterised by being:

  • Independent
  • Value generator
  • Alternative
  • With Future