Much more than a regional player

The internationalisation of Sapec business was a logical path and a catalyst for growth. Sapec Agro Business, which in the late twentieth century operated exclusively in Portugal, currently exports over 70% of its turnover in the crop protection business.

Being the third player in direct sales in the Iberian Peninsula, with more than 12% market share, Sapec Agro Business is the leader in the generic products segment through two companies in each market.

In Portugal, Sapec Agro Business leads the market with over 30% share.

The French and Italian projects (1st and 3rd largest European markets) begun in the late 2000s are growing rapidly. These markets, which today the growth engine for our company, will consolidate the position of Sapec Agro Business as an independent reference player in the southern Europe. Our products are already placed in other European markets like the Greek, Romanian or the Balkan markets.

More recently, we began developing the Brazilian operation (the world’s largest market) where we have an ongoing process of intense registrations through our affiliate Sapec Agro Brazil.

Leveraging the asset that is the European regulatory registration, “Made by Sapec” products will soon conquer the Central European markets, through a strategy of partnerships with local players.

Sapec Agro Macau was created in the wake of internationalisation, a key business platform with Asian suppliers, which is the result of the accumulated experience of two decades of relationships with the leading global chemical industry.