Off-patent products through R&D, a new generation of solutions

Off-Patent R&D

By focusing our action on the off-patent segment, innovation, differentiation and the search for new markets become a challenge as well as a priority.

We develop an intense process of research and development that differentiates our supply and places us at the head of Portuguese companies with more patent applications.

Regulatory and R&D activities are the driving forces for our innovation process, in which we invest a lot of our human and financial resources:

  • Investment in R&D and Regulatory > 5 % Annual Turnover

Market oriented

It all begins in the field, with our marketing and technical people working together with our clients, technicians and farmers. Being mainly dedicated to specific geographical areas, it allows for a focused approach, and for developing new solutions adapted to local demands and farmers’ needs.

These include:

  • New products, that result from the innovating combination of our proprietary off-patent molecules – Post-Patent exclusive products.
  • To support solutions for some of the specific problems of our target markets, considered by the leading industry players as minor problems when compared to a global approach, but critical to the farmer’s – To give answers to farmer’s needs.
  • The improvement of generic products formulation types in line with market needs and regulatory requirements or constraints – Generic products with added value.

In addition to our current portfolio, more than a dozen products with these innovative characteristics are in the pipeline, which will soon be given the green light to serve our farmers and contribute to this key pillar in our strategy – the differentiation which will result in:

  • An intelligent portfolio with high quality off-patent products and unique and exclusive solutions.