An intelligent portfolio with high quality off-patent products and unique and exclusive solutions

In response to our differentiation priority, our portfolio of products combines a wise balance of solutions, from off-patent products to an increasing range of unique and exclusive solutions consisting of off-patent compounds.

In a highly regulated sector, we have developed a strategy of proprietary support to our key molecules and formulated products, which is a key competitive advantage and ensures a business model for the future in the areas where we operate, and opens new opportunities for other regions.

Behind the portfolio

To develop a complete and independent portfolio, a complex combination of investments, procedures and know-how is required.

  • Sapec Agro Business is now the European generics company that has invested the most in the European registration of generic products
  • A team of more than forty people are involved in regulatory procedures
  • Marketing expertise is essential to analyse and monitor the investment opportunities in terms of portfolio development, anticipating winning strategies of marketing and positioning
  • An independent internal manufacturing capacity is critical to respond with efficiency and flexibility to market opportunities
  • Certified and recognised quality is supported by state-of-the-art laboratorial capacity and technology
  • To have raw material suppliers that comply with the demanding international quality certificates

A key and unique asset