Portuguese Secretary of State visited Sapec Agro Business facilities in Setúbal


The Secretary of State for Food and Agrobusiness Research, Dr. Nuno Vieira e Brito, visited Sapec Agro Business in Setúbal, where our factory and lab facilities are located. The large investment in production, manufacturing processes and environmental performance was highlighted by the Government official. “By investing in technology and competitiveness and focusing on internationalisation, Sapec Agro Business positions itself as a reference at multinational level”, he said.

Sapec Agro Business has completed the project for this unit, which complies with the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) and all the criteria required for obtaining the authorisation to operate. João Estrela, COO, stated that “this factory, one of a kind in Portugal, will increase our self-governance on vet dossiers, because we will be working on active ingredients produced here”.

“Preserving the quality of active ingredients produced at this unit will have a positive impact on the products made with these ingredients. In terms of manufacturing processes, we will increase efficiency and save costs that are crucial to strengthening the company’s competitiveness”, added the COO.

The Secretary of State also visited the new Drying Tower (May 2015). Now with two towers running, Sapec Agro Business increases its competitiveness and the potential to export to new markets. The second tower triples the first tower’s yields, both now producing about 4,000 tonnes/year of WG (Water Dispersible Granules) products. This modern and well appreciated formulation in international markets is increasingly chosen by the Portuguese farmers.

The new Rainwater Treatment System was also part of the visit. Currently with a 1,000 m3 containment basin, Sapec Agro Business has two new basins in their final construction phase, with total capacity of 4,000 m3. In order to prevent any contamination, water can be diverted to the containment basin to be adequately analysed before being released to the receiving environment.

The Secretary of State and the representative of the National Feed and Veterinary Board, Dr. Helena Ponte, visited the new Sulphur Plant, the Microbiology Laboratory and the Sulphonylureas Plant, a chemical family of herbicides appreciated by European farmers.

Eric van Innis, CEO, has strengthened the Group’s focus on agro business and stressed its internationalisation importance “as a growth agent and support to employment, creating dozens of new jobs every year in Setúbal”.