Sapec Agro Business is awarded a new fungicide patent

The National Institute of Industrial Property (Portuguese acronym – INPI) has granted a product patent to Sapec Agro, comprising a synergistic fungicidal composition for controlling mildew in potato, tomato and lettuce crops.

This segment amounts to over € 75M in southern markets in Europe where the company operates, and about € 80M in the Brazilian market, which Sapec will soon join. João Martins, Strategic Marketing Manager of Agro Business Sapec, commented that “this is an important milestone for our company and also for the country, as the result of a great effort and know-how of many people to bring value to the agricultural sector both national and international”. He went on to stress that the patent “is a feat of pioneering nature and results of the company’s repositioning, focusing on innovation and differentiation.”

Underlying this patent award is the discovery that there is a strong synergy between the two molecules making up the product. This synergy allows for significant effectiveness at lower doses than would be expected.
Effectiveness is indeed one of the highlights of this innovative mixture. The complementary modes of action of the two components make it a “complete” product with strong preventive, curative and eradicating action, associated with systemic action. On the other hand, the environmental and ecotoxicological profile of the two molecules is very favourable, with a lower impact on the environment and actively contributing to the sustainability of agricultural ecosystems.

Sapec Agro Business expects to launch it in mid-2015 in the domestic market and pursue international recognition within the legally prescribed period, hoping to offer this innovative plant protection to the remaining Southern European countries and Brazil in the near future.

Each year 5 % of the Sapec Group turnover is invested in innovation and regulatory requirements, always seeking to offer differentiated solutions which are effective gains for the farmer and agriculture. An undisputed national leader, the Sapec Group holds a 32 % stake in the plant protection market in Portugal and ranks third in the global Iberian ranking. Sapec Agro France and Sapec Agro Italy, recently constituted, aim to provide their markets with these and other innovative solutions towards a more and more competitive and sustainable agriculture, enhancing the export-oriented profile of the company, which currently amounts to more than 70 % of its turnover in the crop protection sector.