Sapec Agro Business is awarded a 2nd insecticide patent

The National Institute of Industrial Property (Portuguese acronym – INPI) has just granted another patent product to Sapec, which is a new presentation of the mixture of two insecticides – imidacloprid and lambda-cyhalothrin.

Very effective against pests in potato, tomato, pome fruit, stone fruit and lettuce crops, the insecticide produced by Sapec is very efficient and can be used for various purposes in the European market. This innovative formulation combines rapid protection with long-lasting action.

Luis Teixeira, the manager of the Intellectual Property Department, says that “This is another strong contribution of the Agro Business Sapec, in terms of know-how and investment in innovation and development for the agricultural world.” Also stresses that with the award of this patent “this group strengthens its leadership position in successful patent applications.” This product has been on sale for about a year in Portugal and is expected to be sold in markets like Spain, Italy, France and Greece from 2015 onwards.

The invention consists of a combination of two pesticides through an agrochemical formulation in the form of a stable aqueous suspension of microcapsules and solid particles which, besides being highly efficient, is of low toxicity and enables its safe use by the farmer. Three months ago one last patent was granted to Sapec Agro Business, consisting of a synergistic fungicidal composition for the control of downy mildew in potato, tomato and lettuce crops.