New herbicide formulation patent granted to Sapec Agro Business

National Institute of Industrial Property of Portugal approved herbicide patent

This patent protects an OD formulation (oil dispersion) containing the active substances nicosulfuron and sulcotrione mixed with a set of adjuvants which provide excellent stability and physical and chemical effectiveness to the product in weed control in maize.

This patent has its origin on the maize herbicide SAP 4030H (development code – OD with 20g/l nicosulfuron + 150g/l sulcotriona), registered last August 2015 for the southern part of Europe, in France. The product was also recently approved in Portugal and Italy and will soon be approved in other European countries. This Sapec Agro Business herbicide is part of the Sapec Enhance Technology Process (ETP) and is one of many other post-patent exclusive specialties that are being developed and launched by the Group.

Sapec Agro Business is mostly concerned with the real needs of the farmer. This newly granted patent marks a groundbreaking step forward in its statement as an outsider in the crop protection business, while its priority continues to be R&D in off-patent active ingredients.

SAP 4030H Trademarks:

France – Souverain OD; Ducanti OD; Picton OD
Spain – Cizalla OD; Extensor OD
Portugal – Imperio OD; Winner Start OD
Italy – Extensor OD

Note: Sapec Agro Business has recently received 3 other patents:

PT106351 –
dimethomorph + propamocarb in SC formulation
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lambda cyhalothrin + imidacloprid in ZC formulation
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lambda cyhalothrin + imidacloprid in ZC formulation
Date: 10 December 2015