Sapec Agro Business fungicide with new european patent

European Patent Office (EPO) has approved a new fungicide patent for the vineyard

The patent now granted, the 5th obtained by Sapec Agro Business in two years, protects the ternary combination of the active substances folpet, azoxystrobin and dimethomorph in any proportion and form of presentation.

The new vineyard fungicide developed by Sapec Agro Business allows the simultaneous control of major crop diseases (downy mildew, black-rot and powdery mildew), and is an extraordinary alternative for sustainable farming.

The product composition (folpet, azoxystrobin and dimethomorph) ensures a systemic, penetrating and contact activity and the results obtained in field trials have shown excellent efficacy in controlling diseases in grape bunches and leaves, without affecting wine fermentation and quality.

This fungicide, available in several markets very shortly, is an exclusive post-patent speciality developed under the Enhance Technology Process (ETP) of Sapec Agro Business. This patent marks a step forward in the company’s position as an outsider in the Crop Protection business, while its priorities continue to be R&D in off-patent substances and providing solutions to farmers’ needs.
Note: Sapec Agro Business has recently received 4 other patents:

PT106351 –
dimethomorph + propamocarb in SC formulation
Date: 16 May 2014

PT106198 –
lambda cyhalothrin + imidacloprid in ZC formulation
Date: 2 October 2014

PT107186 –
nicosulfuron + sulcotrione in OD formulation
Date: 27 November 2015

EP2822388 –
lambda cyhalothrin + imidacloprid in ZC formulation
Date: 10 December 2015