External Audit of Seveso Directive Regists Zero Non-Conformities

Sapec Agro Business is proud to inform that the official audit of Seveso Directive (DL 150/2015 of August 5th) realized between 5th and 7th of April recorded zero non-conformities. This practice implemented in the organization since 2008 is a legal requirement of the Safety Management System.

Carried out by an external auditor accredited by the Portuguese Environmental Agency (APA), this evaluation aims to monitor the company’s performance in environmental and safety areas, specifically regarding the methodologies for prevention, control and mitigation of industrial accidents.

Seveso Directive was created in 1982, six years after the industrial incident occurred in the Italian region that gave it its name and was developed as a way of creating a common policy that controls and prevents accidents that impact human health or environment. This regulatory initiative set up by the European Community is essential at a time that the use of chemicals is vital to the functioning of an advanced industrialized society.

This positive result reaffirms the commitment of Sapec with the policies of Major Industrial Accidents Prevention, extendable to workers, the surrounding community and the environment.