Portuguese Association for plant protection (ANIPLA) launches a conscious campaign highligthing the importance of Phytofarmaceutical Industry

“Considere os Factos”/ “Think About” (Approximated translation) is the name of the new campaign of the Portuguese Association for Plant Protection (ANIPLA), which results of a study carried out with 27 Portuguese Producers Organizations, and intends to elucidate the society about the importance of science applied to agriculture.

Through a simple, accessible and appealing design, information about production losses resultant of the withdrawal from the market of certain active substances of plant protection products is disclosed. This campaign reinforces the appeal of Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of meeting the world population nurturing needs which will continue to rise until 2050.

The campaign and study can be accessed in the following website:

ANIPLA - Considere os factos - Sapec Crop Protection