Project designation: Innovation in Crop Protection products in the Brazilian market

Incentive: Incentive System for Innovation under the Regional Operational Programme of Lisbon

Scope: Manufacturing of new crop protection products non-existent on international markets, particularly in Brazil. Promoting innovation in business and orientation towards foreign markets

Total investment approved: €2.155.179,19;

Approved incentive: €500.000

Project designation: “Innovation in the national supply of plant protection products”

Incentive: Incentive System for Innovation under the Regional Operational Programme of Lisbon

Scope: Manufacturing of 5 new plant protection products in the fields of herbicides and fungicides, aimed primarily for exportation (mainly to Spain, France and Italy). The products are remarkablyinnovative in the sector where the Company plays at both national and international level.

Total investment approved: €2,891,034.98

Approved incentive value: €500,000.00