Quality Control Laboratory (ISO 17025) and Physical-Chemical (GLP) v2


Quality Control Laboratory (ISO 17025)

The renowned quality of Sapec Agro Business is ensured by a stringent control carried out at the QCL, operating autonomously and fully independent of the production units, monitoring raw materials, formulations and specifications of end-products.

The laboratory operates in line with and beyond international standards defined for these processes. It is equipped with any equipment needed to carry out the work, from state-of-the-art chromatographs to specific equipment for all tests related with a vast and diversified product portfolio.

The CQL is accredited by the ISO 17025:2005 Management System which, besides being an essential tool to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements and support the implementation of the ambitious regulatory challenge, also represents the external, independent and international recognition for its technical expertise.


Physical-Chemical Laboratory (GLP)

The Physical-Chemical Laboratory conducts studies that aim at the analytical characterisation and determination of the physical and chemical properties of chemical substances, and their preparations. This GLP-certified laboratory is a key asset in providing support to the demanding European and Brazilian regulatory process.