Industrial Capability

Sapec Agro Business’ product means Quality

The capacity of our plants and labs, associated with processes of excellence, quality, safety and environmental protection all add up to making Sapec Agro Business’ key differentiators and assets.

The complexity of our business is a result of the committed relationship between key variables, such as the capacity to produce a wide variety of products, manufactured to the highest quality standards and the support to the regulatory demands associated with registration processes.

The challenge finds its answer in our capability, rigour and stringent standards, at both production and laboratorial level.


Modern and sophisticated plants

The challenge to earn more recognition in the crop protection market requires a demanding level of multidiscipline and excellence of technique, process and strategy.

In Setúbal, Portugal, we run modern and sophisticated facilities, mainly dedicated to the crop protection business, but also to crop nutrition and veterinary medicines. These units are fully adapted to our business needs, combining flexibility, efficiency, and environmental safety, ensuring the maximum safety conditions for our employees.

The plants are composed by five completely independent sites:


Formulation expertise

Through constant improvement and adaptation to market trends and needs, Sapec Agro Business has developed robust knowledge in the field of formulation.

This has been pivotal in our strategy to add value to our key molecules, which is a significant competitive advantage in the effort of differentiation, having as a goal to serve our clients and the farmer in a better way.

Today, in Setúbal, we work with modern formulation types, even the most technically demanding:

  • WG/DF (Water dispersible granules)
  • CS (Microencapsulated)
  • SC (Flowable concentrate)
  • OD (Oil dispersion)
  • ZC (a mixed formulation of CS and SC)

And of course all the traditional formulations such as:
WP, DP, GR, SL, EC, EO, EW, (…)